$40 / month
At Hot Diggity Dog Resort, we believe that a good daycare program should consist of social, physical, and mental development. And that is why the L.E.E.P. (Life Enrichment Education Program) was developed. LEEP is a membership program that helps to improve the lives of dogs and provides the peace of mind knowing your dog is getting the interaction s/he needs during time away from home. LEEP does more than put your dog in a cage with an occasional walk before you come to pick them up. LEEP members have every day filled with exercise and a wide range of other daily activities. The activities below are included with membership:

• Fit Paws: to gain balance control and increase core strength

• Brain Games: enhances focus, attention, and impulse control

• Special events, parties, and holiday photo opportunities: we enjoy special occasions and create events that your dog will enjoy

• Massage and aromatherapy: helps your pet use his/her natural senses

• Small group gatherings: this enables dogs to get to know other dogs and enhance their social skills

• Balance and core exercises: to help strengthen joints and muscles

• Training sessions: to teach commands

• Membership means inclusion in Daycare Games

• Special training for activities are part of your dog's daily stay at Hot Diggity Dog Resort

unlimited usage / pet