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Essential Tips for Holiday Grooming

The holidays are around the corner, and you will want your dog looking its best for your trip to Grandma's house. Our team at Hot Diggity Dog Resort is your Read More

Managing Holiday Dog Stress

The winter holidays might be a happy time for you, but could be stressful for your dog or puppy. If you and your family host parties or go off socializing, Read More

5 Benefits of Dog & Puppy Training

For many pet owners, questions emerge about whether to get obedience training for their dogs. Training your dog presents several benefits to dogs and owners alike. Our team at Hot Read More

The Benefits of Grooming Your Dog Regularly

Brushing your dog regularly provides many benefits, not just a great-looking coat. Even hairless dogs need regular grooming. Long-haired or double-coated dogs should be brushed every other day. Short-haired dogs Read More

Importance of Puppy Training

Training your puppy is an important responsibility as a pet owner. When properly trained, you can take your dog anywhere without worrying about bad behavior. At K9 Resort & Spa, Read More

How Often Should Your Dog Be De-shedded?

K9 Resort & Spa's proprietary deshed process reduces shedding by up to 80% Read More

How to Prepare your Dog for Boarding

At K9 Resort & Spa, we offer services and relaxation for pets that rivals many human spas. We offer top-notch dog boarding in Escondido. If you’re going to drop your Read More

Why You Should Train Your Dog

As a dog owner, you might decide to train your dog personally instead of taking it to a dog trainer. If you do not know how to do it, you Read More

Whats the Benefits of Putting Your Pup In Daycare

Benefits of Putting Your Pup in Daycare Looking for an alternative to leaving your pooch at home alone for hours at a time while you work? Consider dog daycare. At K9 Read More

Link to K9 Resort and Spa Interview by Hemp Health

K9 Resort & Spa is more than just your typical doggy daycare. Read More

Our Doggie Daycare Dance Party Staring Luke and Tina!!!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Doggie Daycare Fun Read More

Our August 2017 Daycare Events Calendar

Don't let your dog miss out on all the fun!!!!  Indoor - out of the heat - supervised play, training and socialization. Read More

The 2018 Daycare Olympic Games!

We are very excited to announce the 2018 Doggie Daycare Olympic Games!!! Here at K9 Resort and Spa we’re hoping to take home the Gold, just like in the human Olympics. Read More

Should You Shave Your Dog In The Summer?

Dog Shaving: Helpful or Harmful? Every year when summer arrives and the days grow longer and hotter, you can't help but notice many people out walking their newly-shaved dogs. You might Read More

Why Does My Dog Bark While Riding In the Car? How Can I Stop It From Happening?

Let's discuss Why my dog barks while riding in the car, here's the Why. Some dogs bark, while in the car, when they become fearful and or overly excited by theview Read More

Ouch! Why Does My Puppy Bite? and How Can I Stop It?

If you are reading this, I probably don’t need to tell you that your puppy likes to chew onthings which can include people’s hands, limbs, and clothing. Most dog trainers Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 20 posts