Snake Avoidance Training
$260 / pet
Our In-Person Snake Avoidance Training class is $260.00 per dog and is held on Sundays at 8:00 AM when scheduled as it is seasonal.

Snake Avoidance Training can be one of the best ways to keep your dog safe from serpents when you're out exploring the world. We at Hot Diggity Dog Resort care about your dog and take pet safety seriously.

If you're in the San Marcos, CA, Escondido, CA, or North San Diego, CA, area, we offer this training to protect your pet or any dogs you might have. The more you know, the safer the animals in your care can be.

Who Should Attend Snake Avoidance Training?

Dog trainers, pet owners, and anyone wants to help prevent their dogs from being injured by snakes, should bring their dog to snake avoidance training. It can be an important part of dog training when you get a new pet, or if you want to start taking your older dog out for walks and hikes more often.

What Can You Expect at a Training Session?

With a guided approach and decoy snakes, we can help you teach any dog to avoid snakes and also understand your body language if you come across a snake and sense danger. Training sessions are two hours long, and you'll learn a lot of great information while you're there. It's not just for dogs! It's also for anyone who has, trains, fosters, or otherwise interacts with them.

How Important Is Pet Safety?

Pet safety is a vital part of properly caring for a pet. Whether it's your dog or you're being paid to watch over it for a period of time, you want the dog to get the best care it can during your time together. Because snakes are frequently found in the area and can get into yards and other areas, snake avoidance training is one of the best ways to protect your dog from harm when they're outside.

Visit Us for Snake Avoidance Training and Other Types of Dog Training

Snakes can cause a lot of harm to your pet if he is attacked by one. By teaching your dog to avoid snakes, and learning a few tricks yourself, you can better protect your pet from this danger and hopefully avoid attacks.

If you're interested in finding out more about snake avoidance training for your dog, reach out to us at Hot Diggity Dog Resort today. We offer information and training for people in the North County San Diego, CA, San Marcos, CA, and Escondido, CA areas. Call us at (760) 745-9900 for more information.