Brushing your dog regularly provides many benefits, not just a great-looking coat. Even hairless dogs need regular grooming. Long-haired or double-coated dogs should be brushed every other day. Short-haired dogs need brushing one to three times per week and wirehaired dogs should be brushed twice per week. If you live in or around San Marcos or Escondido and are interested in scheduling a professional grooming session, contact our team at Hot Diggity Dog Resort.

Checking for Health Problems

Giving your dog or puppy a good brushing regularly provides a great opportunity to check for new health problems. Look for new lumps, bumps, cuts, sores, bald spots, crustiness, fleas, or ticks. Check between the toes for knots or small objects like grass seeds. Take note of any place that makes your once friendly dog suddenly more aggressive. This aggression could be caused by pain that needs to be addressed.

It Feels Good

Have you ever received a massage? Gentle grooming is like a massage for your dog. It helps increase blood circulation, which in turn helps strengthen hair follicles and makes for healthier skin. When you interact with your dog and make your dog feel good, it helps strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

Helps the Insulation Properties of Double-Coated Dogs

Double-coated dog breeds like the golden retriever should never have their coats shaved. Their coats act as insulation from the cold and the heat. Grooming regularly helps keep the coat tangle-free and helps promote air circulation. These things help the double coat do its job of keeping your dog comfortable.

Socialization for Puppies

If you have a puppy from a breed that needs intensive grooming, make sure to bring your pup to a professional groomer after he or she has been fully vaccinated. Having a good experience at a young age makes it easier for your pup to be groomed when it is older.

Contact Hot Diggity Dog Resort for Professional Pet Grooming

If you have dog grooming questions, or if your dog needs grooming services, contact our team at Hot Diggity Dog Resort. We provide professional pet services for dogs and cats in and around San Marcos or Escondido. Call our team at Hot Diggity Dog Resort today at (760) 745-9900.