Despite spending hours cleaning your pet, pet hair still clings to clothes, furniture, curtains, and other upholstery. If you are one of those frustrated pet owners, try de-shedding your dog. The technique removes hair from the pet’s undercoat and reduces the amount of fur a pet sheds. Since it is a little different from pet brushing, you may wonder how often your dog should be de-shedded. If you live in Escondido or San Marcos, stop by our office for pet grooming and more. Our team at K9 Resort & Spa is here to help.

What is De-shedding?

De-shedding is different from pet brushing because it involves the physical removal of loose hair from your dog’s undercoat. While it does not stop the shedding process, de-shedding removes most of the loose fur on your pet’s body.

Double coated dogs should never have their fur cut because it can cause alopecia.  On the other hand, cutting the fur simply shortens the length of the shedded fur, it does not reduce it. However, deshedding will reduce dog shedding by as much as 80%, make the dog look actually thinner, cooler on hot days, and improves the coat appearance.

The most obvious benefit of de-shedding is that it facilitates the natural shedding process. This means your dog does not need to be cleaned as much, and you can keep your house from becoming coated in fur. De-shedding also removes the natural oils produced by the dog’s skin, preventing the development of hot spots and matting.

All Dogs Shed

Dogs shed year-round hence the need for pet owners to de-shed them regularly. Typically, a dog’s coat determines the number of times to de-shed your pet throughout the year. Double-coated dogs, for example, shed a lot seasonally while single-coated dogs shed occasionally.

Contrary to popular belief, short-haired dogs also shed, sometimes more than long-haired dogs. While there is not a method to stop dogs from shedding, de-shedding treatment options can reduce shedding. However, it is best to talk to one of our dog grooming professionals before exploring these options.

De-shed Your Dog at K9 Resort & Spa

Beyond knowing how often your dog should be de-shedded, it is crucial to have experts perform the procedure. Unlike other companies, K9 Resort & Spa does NOT use FURminators which can strip, pull, and cut the fur, but instead uses a proprietary wet-deshed process.  Along with vitaminizing products to strengthen in healthify the fur, dogs will reduce shedding by up to 80%. If you live in the Escondido, San Marcos or North San Diego County area, call our dog grooming experts at K9 Resort & Spa today at (760) 745-9900 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about de-shedding.