At K9 Resort & Spa, we offer services and relaxation for pets that rivals many human spas. We offer top-notch dog boarding in Escondido. If you’re going to drop your dog off for boarding, however, you need to make sure that he is properly prepped. Let’s take a look at some things you should do before dropping your dog off.

Properly Prepping Your Dog for Boarding

If you’ve ever had a chance to relax at a resort and spa, you already know just how relaxing an experience it is. The next time you’re on vacation, why not drop your dog off for dog boarding at a dog resort & spa, like K9 Resort & Spa?

There are some steps you should take before dropping your dog off at a canine spa & resort or any other boarding facility. First, you should make sure your dog is up-to-date on any vaccines and shots. While many boarding facilities go to great lengths to ensure cleanliness and to reduce the risk of diseases spreading, dogs should get their necessary vaccines. This is true whether or not your canine will be spending time in boarding facilities, but it’s especially important when dogs are going to be around other pets.

It’s smart to teach dogs basic commands as well, such as “stay,” “sit,” and more. You’ll find these commands beneficial at home and the staff at a canine boarding facility will appreciate them as well. Make sure you let the staff know about any commands your pet knows how to follow.

It’s also wise to introduce your pets to boarding facilities before you drop them off for a stay. You may be able to take your dog to doggy daycare, for example. This way, your dog can spend a day getting used to the idea of a boarding facility and being with other dogs.

Worried about your dog while he at a boarding facility? We offer webcam for pet boarding services, so you can check on your pet.

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