Benefits of Putting Your Pup in Daycare

Looking for an alternative to leaving your pooch at home alone for hours at a time while you work? Consider dog daycare. At K9 Resort & Spa in Escondido, San Marcos, your pup can benefit from fresh air, exercise and playtime with other dogs. Here are some great reasons to consider daycare for your dog.


At K9 Resort & Spa, your pup has plenty of opportunities to socialize with both our caregivers and other pets. Socialization skills are important for a dog as he’ll learn to be comfortable in almost any environment, enabling you to take him places without worrying about skittish or errant behavior. When organizing playtimes, we match canines of similar size and temperaments to provide them with a positive playtime experience.


Unsupervised pets are more likely to get into trouble, especially if your dog is still a puppy. A rambunctious puppy may chew on furniture, knock over lamps while playing, or get into kitchen garbage. Your puppy could get hurt while roughhousing around your home. At dog daycare, your pup will be supervised and protected against harm. We also provide puppy training services that can help improve your pet’s behavior when home.

Relieve Separation Anxiety

If your dog has problems with separation anxiety, it doesn’t help to leave him alone. Separation anxiety could result in destructive behavior like your dog ripping up pillows or chewing on furniture or shoes. At dog daycare, your pet will get attention from experienced caregivers, regular exercise and scheduled playtimes to keep him from missing you so much.

Peace of Mind

Putting your pup in daycare will give you peace of mind, knowing that he’s happy and well cared for when you’re not home. That alone can make daycare worth the cost.

Bring Your Pup to K9 Resort & Spa for Dog Daycare

From socialization to safety to puppy training and more, dog daycare at K9 Resort & Spa in Escondido, San Marcos, has so much to offer your dog. Contact us today at 760-745-9900 to schedule daycare services for your pup.